About Norocc

About us

Norocc is an independent, non-profit association with funding mainly from donations and membership fees. It has been established in April, 2010, having the Mission to strengthen the quality of Norwegian-Romanian business relations; its’ Vision is to create economies of scale that bring down costs for Romanian and Norwegian companies, by bringing businesses together around efficiency; NOROCC’s Objectives are to promote the development of commercial relations between Norway and Romania and to provide the highest standards of business services.

Although it is assumed that the earliest contact between the Romanian and Norwegian people has been in the 9th century AD, when Varangians began trading with the Byzantine Empire along routes that led through Romania, formal relations between the modern states began only in 1917, towards the end of the First World War. Norway was one of the first countries to recognize the new regime in Romania after the Revolution of 1989.

Diplomatic relations greatly improved since then, however business opportunities have remained unexplored in both markets. This is NOROCC’s main belief and the most important reason for which it was born. “The secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well”, used to say John D. Rockefeller, the well-known American oil magnate. It is also NOROCC’s favorite saying and we strongly support that we are endlessly following his advice and example.

Noroccs goals


For many individuals and businesses coming to Norway for the first time, a visit to the chamber of commerce and industry is almost always on their to do list. Whether it is to drop off their calling card, gather information about forming a company, ask about finding office accommodation or how to go about finding staff, NOROCC acts as a reliable and trusted conduit for new businesses. In this role we always act in a transparent and fair manner. We provide visitors if is possible with lists of companies operating in a particular sector as a first point of contact. This information comes from our members database. Members thus benefit from being kept in touch with new business opportunities before others. Edit Delete


Perhaps one of the most tangible benefits of membership is that the Norocc opens doors for you and your business. Today Norway is a very well connected economy and for those who are local, knowing who the right person to contact in a particular company or organisation is not usually a problem. However, for those companies who are new to the Norwegian or Romanian business community this can be more of a challenge. The NOROCC is here to assist in making those connections.


Since the chamber is represented on several comittees it has an economic early warning system as to proposed changes to legislation. It is able to keep its members informed and where the proposed changes are likely to affect members, then in most cases the Chamber will, in consultation with its members, formulate an appropriate response. Membership in NOROCC is open to all individuals and organizations who are interested in building a strong economic partnership between Norway and Romania. Current members range from small businesses to large corporations in the fields of banking and finance, construction, communications, education, import/export, law, and transportation, among others. Registration on the website and full access to the Members’ Directory is available only to the members of NOROCC.


Whilst the Chamber is not in the business of promoting one member over another, through its well-respected quarterly publication, B2B, the Chamber will seek to help its members keep abreast of newsworthy stories about local businesses, particularly if they are issue-related and impact on a sector as a whole.